How To Plan The Painting Of A Commercial Facade

The shops, offices, companies, warehouses, and commercial premises require overtime to improve their visibility by renovating their commercial facades. This action requires, in most cases, to execute, in a planned manner, the painting of facades.

Paint The Facade In An Organized Way

Any alteration of a common element in a building needs the unanimous approval of the property owners. The painting of facades can be considered for these purposes, a modification of the common elements. Although there are court rulings in this regard that offer some flexibility to the norm, it is highly recommended before beginning to paint a façade to be sure that there is a permit from the community of owners.

The next step, although it is usually carried out de facto, requires obtaining the corresponding building permit either the owner of the premises, the contractor or the company that will carry out the task must have this and other permits in order to avoid administrative penalties.

Of course, it is not the same to paint commercial premises without activity or opening hours to the public than another that, in the meantime, paints the facade continues to serve customers. In both cases, it will be necessary to organize the tasks, with the exception of trying not to work during the hours that may be more affluent in the case of open trade.

Steps To Painting A Facade

Before painting, you have to follow some guidelines as preparation before painting the facade:

  1. Objects near the facade must be removed. If they are anchored to the ground or are municipally owned, they should be protected.
  2. Delimit with bodybuilder tape the total area of ​​the facade to be painted.
  3. Clean and smooth the entire surface to be painted.
  4. Apply putty to all cracks, fissures, or holes in the facade.
  5. Sand the surface to facilitate the grip of the paint that we do not have a shiny or too smooth surface.
  6. Remove the traces of saltpeter that adhere to the facade due to the interaction of moisture with the materials.
  7. Clean dirt, grease or dust remains.
  8. Use painter’s tape to mark the areas of the facade that are painted in a different color.

After completing all the steps prior to painting the façade, we moved on to the actual painting task.

In the work of painting facades, it could be said that “each teacher has his booklet” just as there are not two identical facades, nor are there two identical painters. However, in order to ensure that the work is impeccable, well done, and without finishing defects, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  • First, apply a coat of primer over the entire surface to be painted. It will be necessary to use a different type of primer depending on the facade material and the type of paint to be used.
  • The paint has to be very well mixed. It is a good idea to remix it from time to time. Do not forget to consult the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.
  • Of course, you cannot paint with the primer still wet. We have to make sure that it is completely dry.
  • Choose the tool that best suits the task at hand. The air gun for painting, the brush, the roller, or the brush are very useful, but each one in its proper facet. It is not necessary to paint an entire façade with a brush as it would be extremely tiring as well as impractical.
  • Start painting. Always from the edges to the center of the facade. The predominant colors first. After applying the first layer, the surface must be allowed to dry. The usual thing in most acrylic based paints is to apply two coats of paint, although it will always depend on the type of surface, the color that the facade already had, and the color was chosen to paint it again.

Why Painting Increases The Value Of Your Commercial Property

There are several reasons why you may be thinking about painting your commercial property. You can redecorate the interiors or exteriors of the building in order to attract new tenants. Or perhaps you are redesigning the look of your property to accompany a change in business or just fixing it up a bit to keep current tenants satisfied. Whatever the motivation, painters Houston believes a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate. If you are thinking of selling, painting your commercial property could increase its value simply by making it more attractive to the eye.

How to paint

Most commercial paints produce a very low level of vapors, making it safe to use indoors when people are inside. Still, there is the possibility of declining for environmentally friendly paint to keep the environment as pleasant as possible for your tenants. It is also worth considering whether it is better to paint the premises during working hours or in the afternoons, taking into account that the latter would be more expensive.For outdoor painting, be sure to choose a durable, long-lasting paint that can withstand local weather conditions. If your commercial property is on the shoreline, the saline environment can erode it more quickly. If you are in a very humid or rainy climate, the paint will serve as a reinforcement to protect the building from humidity and leaks.

Choosing the color palette

When choosing colors for your property, you may prefer to hear other opinions, or you may prefer to give creativity to your workforce. If you know what type of business the premises will occupy, your choice will be limited to the colors they choose. However, if you are painting the property to make it more attractive, you have to consider who you want to attract. You may prefer to combine the colors with the architecture of the building or the location of the property. For example, if it’s a coastal property, a range of classic blues, greens, or sandy hues can complement the vibe. If the property has a modern design, a contemporary gray or off-white shade may be a good option.

Hire a painter

You can choose to hire a reliable painter or even a designer to change the color, that is, an interior designer who will evaluate the property and recommend a specific color that will suit the location. Although this is more expensive than a simple coat of paint, it may be reflected in the value of the property and has proven to be a great help when it comes to renewing the lease.

What Are The Laws To Respect When Painting Facades?

Do you want to paint your facade in another color and do not know if it could be a problem with the City Council of your community? Do you want to make sure that you do everything correctly and legally? Your house is in the old town, and you don’t know if you can alter the state of your facade?

You may have noticed that your facade needs a new coat of paint; you may also want to give your exterior a personal touch, but perhaps you live in a neighborhood community or in the old part of a city, and you don’t know what permits you need to act. It is preferable that you inform yourself well before acting, in this way you will avoid possible problems with your town hall or neighborhood.

Let’s see some cases to know how to act in each of them:

Alter a facade within a community of neighbors. If you live in a neighborhood community and want to alter your part of the facade in any way, you will have to obtain authorization from the Community of Owners. According to the Supreme Court and Article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law, you will have to have the approval of your Community.

Article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law

“The owner of each floor or premises may modify the architectural elements, facilities or services of that one when it does not impair or alter the security of the building, its general structure, its configuration or external condition, or prejudice the rights of another owner, and must give an account of such works 

previously to whoever represents the community. ”

Therefore, any alteration that is going to be carried out on the facade of a building and alters it must have the prior authorization of the entire community. This authorization from the community will be fully enforceable.

In the event of aesthetic variations in the façade, they must be objectively assessed and can be perceived with the naked eye.

It will not be an excuse that previously, other neighbors have altered the state of the facade.

The painting of a facade without the consent of the community of neighbors will be illegal to not have such authorization. Therefore, the house must be painted as it was originally.

Renovation of a facade within the old city center

If you live in the old town of your city and want to reform the facade of your house or neighborhood community, it is best that you consult it first at your town hall.

You may also have aid for the rehabilitation of the old town and will facilitate the works or even cover them.