What Are The Laws To Respect When Painting Facades?

Do you want to paint your facade in another color and do not know if it could be a problem with the City Council of your community? Do you want to make sure that you do everything correctly and legally? Your house is in the old town, and you don’t know if you can alter the state of your facade?

You may have noticed that your facade needs a new coat of paint; you may also want to give your exterior a personal touch, but perhaps you live in a neighborhood community or in the old part of a city, and you don’t know what permits you need to act. It is preferable that you inform yourself well before acting, in this way you will avoid possible problems with your town hall or neighborhood.

Let’s see some cases to know how to act in each of them:

Alter a facade within a community of neighbors. If you live in a neighborhood community and want to alter your part of the facade in any way, you will have to obtain authorization from the Community of Owners. According to the Supreme Court and Article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law, you will have to have the approval of your Community.

Article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law

“The owner of each floor or premises may modify the architectural elements, facilities or services of that one when it does not impair or alter the security of the building, its general structure, its configuration or external condition, or prejudice the rights of another owner, and must give an account of such works 

previously to whoever represents the community. ”

Therefore, any alteration that is going to be carried out on the facade of a building and alters it must have the prior authorization of the entire community. This authorization from the community will be fully enforceable.

In the event of aesthetic variations in the façade, they must be objectively assessed and can be perceived with the naked eye.

It will not be an excuse that previously, other neighbors have altered the state of the facade.

The painting of a facade without the consent of the community of neighbors will be illegal to not have such authorization. Therefore, the house must be painted as it was originally.

Renovation of a facade within the old city center

If you live in the old town of your city and want to reform the facade of your house or neighborhood community, it is best that you consult it first at your town hall.

You may also have aid for the rehabilitation of the old town and will facilitate the works or even cover them.

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